Seminari 2012

27.02.2012 17.15-18.15

Prof. Lars Feld

Sovereign Bond Market Reactions to Fiscal Rules and No-Bailout Clauses – The Swiss Experience PC004
06.03.2012 17.15-18.15 Prof.dr. Jouke van Dijk Did Decentralization Stimulated Dutch Municipalities to Become More Efficient in Managing the Costs of Social Assistance? 351
12.03.2012 17.15-18.15 Chiara Pronzato Comparing Quasi-Experimental Designs and Structural Models for Policy Evaluation. The Case of a Reform of Lone Parental Welfare PC004
14.03.2012 12.00-13.15 Eva Garcia The Effects of Child Care Costs on Chilren's Well-being PC004
20.03.2012 17.15-18.15 Fabrizio Mazzonna Ageing, cognitive abilities and retirement PC004
26.03.2012 17.15-18.15 Prof. Patricia Funk Promoting Rule Compliance in Daily-Life: Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment in the Public Libraries of Barcelona PC004
27.03.2012 12.30-13.30 Sven Neelsen Early-Life Exposure to an Indonesia Community Midwife Program and Adolescent Cognitive Skill PC004
03.04.2012 12.30-13.30 Laure Athias Demand risk allocation in Incomplete Contracts: The Case of Public Private Partnerships PC004
16.04.2012 17.15-18.15 Prof. Fabrizio Zilibotti Chinese Growth in the Face of a Demographic Transition PC004
17.04.2012 17.15-18.15 Prof. Luca Crivelli Can insurer competition improve health system performance? Evidence from Western Europe PC004
23.04.2012 17.15-18.15 Prof. Heinrich Ursprung Does the Field of Study Influence Students' Political Attitudes? PC004
30.04.2012 17.15-18.15 Prof. Dale Jorgenson Evaluation of Climate Policy Rossa Executive Center
02.05.2012 13.30-14.30 Prof. Roberta Capello Equilibrium vs. optimal city size: Theoretical reflections and an empirical investigation A12
04.05.2012 12.30-13.30 Jamele Rigolini Does Electoral Competition Improve Accountability? A33 (palazzo rosso)
07.05.2012 17.15-18.15 Prof. Kenneth Gillingham Selection on Anticipated Driving and the Consumer Response to Changing Gasoline Prices PC004
14.05.2012 12.30-13.30 Prof. Christoph Schaltegger The long run effect of taxes on the distribution of top income shares: an empirical investigation PC004
21.05.2012 17.15-18.15 Prof. Mathias Thönig The Economic Incentives of CulturalTransmission: Spatial Evidence from Naming Patterns across France PC004
24.05.2012 12.15-13.15 Egon Smeral The business cycle, varying tourist behaviour and forecasting performance 351
04.06.2012 17.15-18.15 Prof. José Ignacio Conde Ruiz Statistical Discrimination and Quotas: A Normative Approach PC004
11.06.2012 12.30-13.30 Theodoros Tsekeris The role of public investment and industry-specific factors on regional agglomeration economies 351
18.06.2012 17.15-18.15 Dr. Martino Pelli The Elasticity of Substitution between Clean and Dirty Inputs in the Production of Electricity PC004
02.10.2012 17.15-18.15 Prof. Jordi Jofre The effects of unemployment benefits on migration in lagging regions A34
16.10.2012 17.15-18.15 Alberto Bisin On the joint evolution of culture and institutions A33
23.10.2012 17.15-18.15 Manuel Bagüés The Role of Connections in Academic Promotions A33
30.10.2012 17.15-18.15 Nicola Dimitri "Mirror Revelation" in Second-price Tullock Auctions A33
13.11.2012 17.15-18.15 Barbara Petrongolo How Local Are Labor Markets? Evidence from a Spatial Job Search Model A32
20.11.2012 17.15-18.15 Doina Radulescu The Taxation of Bonuses and its Effect on Executive Compensation and Risk Taking - Evidence from the UK Experience A32
27.11.2012 17.15-18.15 Zoe Kuehn Migration, Wages, and Parental Background: Obstacles to Entrepreneurship and Growth in East Germany A32
04.12.2012 17.15-18.15 Massimo Bordignon Fiscal Federalism and Political Selection A32
11.12.2012 17.15-18.15 Pierre Pestieau Uncertain Altruism and the Provision of Long Term Care A32