Seminari 2011

21.03.2011 17.15-18-15 Elena Barbieri The evaluation of industrial development policies in Southern China: exercises and methodological issues  PC004 
28.03.2011 17.15-18.15 Prof. Peracchi The heterogeneous thresholds ordered response model: Identification and inference PC004
18.04.2011 17.15-18.15 Prof. Hess Linking response quality to survey engagement: a combined random scale and latent variable approach PC004
02.05.2011 17.15-18.15 Prof. Lucchini Mapping patterns of multiple deprivation using self-organising maps: An application to EU-SILC data for Ireland PC004
10.05.2011 17.15-18.15 Emma Frejinge Introduction of "clean" cars in Sweden: an analysis of policies and their effects PC004 
16.05.2011 17.15-18.15 Prof. Pelloni Aggregate Shocks vs Reallocation Shocks: an Appraisal of the Applied Literature PC004
23.05.2011 12.30-13.30 Dr. Michael Moritz The Impact of Czech Commuters on the German Labour Market PC004
30.05.2011 17.15-18.15 Prof. Tae Oum Effects of Government Quality and Institutional Choice on Efficiency of Airports PC004
06.06.2011 17.15-18.15 Prof. Azim Essaji Contracting Institutions and Product Quality PC004
10.10.2011 17.15-18.15 Tommaso Nannicini Do Fiscal Rules Matter? A Difference-in-Discontinuities Design PC004
24.10.2011   Prof. Philip de Cicca CANCELLED  
31.10.2011 17.15-18.15 Monika Bütler How Much Do Means-Tested Benefits Reduce the Demand for Annuities? PC004
08.11.2011 17.15-18.15 Prof. Andrew Smith Lessons from Passenger Rail Franchising in Britain - Past Failures and Future Directions PC004
14.11.2011 17.15-18.15 Riccardo Puglisi What do ADS buy? Daily coverage of listed companies on the Italian press PC004
05.12.2011 17.15-18.15 Dr. Stefanie Brilon Anti-Social Behavior in Profit and Non-Profit Organizations PC004
12.12.2011 17.15-18.15 Maximilian von Ehrlich Absorptive Capacity and the Growth Effects of Regional Transfers: a Regression Discontinuity Design with Heterogeneous Treatment Effects PC004